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The conference main objective is to bring together researchers engaged in the application of experimental, analytical, or theoretical thermal and energy engineering. The suggested topics link between conventional and emerging research areas in thermal energy. Papers submitted to the conference will follow peer-review procedures.  All papers will be uploaded to Toronto Metropolitan University Library Depository and it will have an open access. Extended versions of all regular papers will also be considered for publication in specialized ISI Indexed Journals in the thermal area.


Conference topics include but not limited to:

  • Multi-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer

  • Heat and Mass transfer in the ecosystem

  • Heat and Mass transfer in Biomedical devices

  • Biofuels and Internal Combustion Engines

  • Micro/nano Heat Transfer

  • Biological Heat Transfer

  • Double Diffusive Convection

  • Melting and Solidification

  • Numerical Methods in Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer

  • Internal Flow and Heat Transfer

  • Transport Phenomena in Porous Media

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery

  • Polymer Processing Science and Technology

  • Waste Management and Waste Disposal

  • Heat Transfer with Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow

  • Energy Management and Energy systems

  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

  • Renewable Energy

  • Micro/nanofluidics and life science application

  • Novel Materials: Thermal Vias, Heat Spreaders and Thermal Interface Materials

  • Thermal Management in Wireless, Networking, Computing, Lighting, Harsh Environments

  • Sub-Ambient Cooling: Solid State, Vapor Compression, Absorption, Adsorption

  • Micro-fabricated Thermal Management Devices and Systems

  • Advances in Experimental Characterization

  • Advances in Computational Characterization: Multi-Scale Modeling, Multi-Physics Modeling

  • Single Phase Liquid Cooling

  • Novel Phase Change Cooling Techniques

  • Hybrid Energy Storage Systems

  • Hydrogen Logistics and supply chain

  • Performance and fuel efficiency

  • Hydrogen production Market analysis

  • Storage of the hydrogen tank safety

  • Hydrogen application Aviation/Aerospace industry 

  • Hydrogen to reduce global warming

  • Hydrogen as alternative fuels

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